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Forest2Sea AWEAR Apparel

Ethical Fashion For The Planet

We create quality, sustainable, ethical fashion based on Scott McGee's nature photography. Our clothes are made in the United States using recycled polyester from plastic bottles. We believe in minimizing our impact on the planet, fair labor and being cruelty-free. Our fashion reflects these values.
The Ocean Collection
What Drives Us

We feel strongly that we must preserve nature in order to thrive.

Our designs are inspired by the stunning patterns found in nature. We also feel strongly about protecting our wild and raising AWEARness for future generations. There are many worthy charities doing good work for both the ocean and wilderness and we're supporting our favorites. For each item purchased by our caring customers, we're dedicating a portion of that sale to one related charity.

For each purchase, we donate 5% of that sale to an ocean or wilderness charity.

Who Are We?

Forest2Sea is a small, husband and wife owned business, inspired by Carolita’s and Scott’s love of nature. Carolita has realized her vision of taking Scott’s award winning underwater and nature photography and turning it into ethical fashion.

Carolita grew up in the forests of the Pocono mountains, bonding with wild animals and Scott fell in love with the ocean as a child, learning to SCUBA dive at age 12.
Scott & Carolita

Photo by Virginia Hilliard

  • We believe that humanity should be benevolent caretakers of our only home, Earth. While on this planet, we want to minimize the harm and impact we have on the natural world and towards other humans. ​
  • We believe in voting with your wallet 
  • We believe that when you make a purchase, you should be aware of how it’s made, who it’s made by and what it’s made of. 
  • We believe in responsible consumerism. 
  • We believe that what you wear shouldn’t just make a fashion statement, but should also represent your values.
  • “Buy Less, Choose Well, Make It Last” – Vivienne Westwood